Creative Ways to Carve Out Space That Caters to Your Wellness

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Creative Ways to Carve Out Space That Caters to Your Wellness

August is National Wellness Month! There hasn't been a more important time to take care of ourselves than now. Wellness makes an impact on the way you live your life no matter your age. One emerging trend in interior design is the creation of wellness rooms or spaces.

What is a wellness room?

A wellness room is a space dedicated to your health and wellness. This can come in many forms from meditation rooms to craft rooms, wellness spaces help cater to your health in a complete way. As many of us spend more time at home, it’s important to create a space perfect for decompressing, unwinding, recharging, and resetting. See our tips for creating the perfect space to cater to overall well-being.

Create a Room Theme

Starting with a design theme will help you focus your ideas on the best option for the space. You can determine a theme by considering what feels relaxing to you. Design and architecture writer, Heather Evans says, “individuals should set up their wellness room based on what makes sense for them. If they enjoy reading, they are going to want to make sure that their wellness room is stocked with a good selection of books. In contrast, if they enjoy something more strenuous, it is not necessarily a bad idea for them to fill their wellness room with fitness equipment instead.”

Let Comfort Lead

Wellness rooms are often well-loved spaces. This is why designs that focus on comfort work the best when creating a space focused on relaxation. Design expert Shereen Luree suggests finding or upcycling, “chairs made from plush fabrics or a chaise lounge that allows for reclining. You can go for either soft and cozy carpets or easy-to-clean wood flooring. Rolls of carpet padding can be placed beneath area rugs to make you feel more comfortable when sitting on a meditation cushion. Piles of throw blankets and pillows will also add to the coziness of the space.”

Clear the Clutter

If you are giving a spare room a new purpose, it's imperative to clear the clutter. A clean clear space has both physical and mental benefits on your overall well-being. Experts at Organic Authority explain "[v]isual clutter creates mental static, which is the last thing you want in your wellness zone. If you're creating a meditation space in a corner of a room, you may want to use a screen or curtain. This creates a visual threshold so your wellness space feels separate. If your space is noisy, use a white noise machine to help neutralize distracting sounds. If you're using a phone or laptop for music or white noise, make sure it's out of sight and out of reach."

Let There be Light

Lighting can change the look and feel of a room instantly. Use lighting to create a mood that matches the theme of the room. Whether it’s a music room, meditation room or anything in between, lighting is an important element to set the stage for relaxation. Furniture experts for Nadeau write, "lighting elements are essential when creating a peaceful ambiance. Refrain from using incandescent lights or hardwired light fixtures. The best lighting options include natural light from a window or lighted candles which create a flickering dance of light that will induce comfort and peace." The experts also suggest "using your outdoor wellness space at sunrise or sunset" when enjoying an outdoor wellness space, especially in warm climates.

Expert interior designer Chad James says creating a "space that is distant from your routine will create a sense of retreat." James, who has designed several different versions of wellness rooms for clients with different interests also suggests realizing the importance of figuring out “why you feel in need of meditation, and design for that."

However you find relaxation, remember a wellness room is a very personal space created specifically to cater to your health and well-being in all aspects.

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